Sitting with the C-Suite: Barry Dark of Legility

On June 4, 2020, I sat down with Barry Dark, the Chief Executive Officer of Legility, via WebEx. Barry and I covered how he has translated the changes he has witnessed in a long career in technology to the trends occurring in legal. We also discussed the strategic thinking behind certain acquisitions, how to remain adaptable in the face of change, and how to measure value from the in-house perspective.

Barry spent over 30 years in Financial Technology (FinTech), mainly helping large global banks leverage the rapid adoption of technology to optimize their businesses for the digital world, and joined Legility as CEO in May 2017. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Dan Regard of iDS

On May 29, 2020, I sat down with Dan Regard, the Chief Executive Officer of iDS, via WebEx. Dan and I discussed how data can be leveraged as a “digital witness”— one that is more informative and more accessible—which is a product of “the new oil.” We also covered his passion for eDiscovery pro bono work, measuring eDiscovery success, and several other key topics. Check out the videos below for more in-depth discussion.

Dan Regard is an attorney and programmer by training and has been involved in eDiscovery and legal technology since the late 1980s. In his national and international work, he has advised on, among other things, electronic discovery, computer forensics, data analytics, structured data, and information management. Dan founded iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) in January 2008, after experience in eDiscovery consulting with large organizations, like LECG, FTI Consulting, and Deloitte & Touche. (more…)

The Case for eDiscovery Managing Counsel

The latest show that our family has picked up watching during quarantine is “Insane Pools Off the Deep End,” which features Lucas Congdon, a Florida-based designer that builds custom pools. The show has a formula where he meets with the homeowners, then designs and builds the pools using both his crew and a variety of subcontractors. Congdon always knows just the right person to go to when he needs to create that custom piece of furniture, where to buy the right rocks, where to have boulders cut, etc.

Successfully completing a custom construction project like the ones that Congdon specializes in takes years of experience and, as a professional, he makes it look easy. EDiscovery projects are much the same. EDiscovery done well is a carefully orchestrated project that requires a lot of experience to bring the right partners to the table, to ensure the resources are at the right place at the right time, and to focus on bringing everything toward a great result. That is what eDiscovery Managing Counsel does. Whether on a significant matter, or on a portfolio, the eDiscovery Managing Counsel acts as a general contractor that is responsible for the project and sets up everyone involved in the project for success. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Kiwi Camara of DISCO

On May 20, 2020, I sat down with Kiwi Camara, the Chief Executive Officer of DISCO, via WebEx. In the segments below Kiwi covers, among other things, his advice to in-house clients on driving more value in the eDiscovery process through the smart use of technology and leveraging review decisions over multiple cases. You won’t want to miss Kiwi’s predictions about the future of eDiscovery technology specifically, or legal technology more generally.

Kiwi Camara is both a lawyer and a technologist. He has a B.S. in computer science and earned his JD at 19 from Harvard Law School. Kiwi practiced law in Houston, Texas and had a commercial litigation practice. One of his largest clients asked him to take a holistic look at the company’s eDiscovery program and spend. That was the first time that he systematically reviewed demonstrations from eDiscovery vendors. He was unsatisfied with the speed and overall performance of the tools. As a result, Kiwi built a custom solution for that client that was “blazing fast and super easy” to use. In 2013, he started selling DISCO to other customers. The signature of DISCO to this day, reported Kiwi, is performance and the ease of use of the technology. (more…)

“Right Fit” Document Review Technology

The last time we considered a new family car purchase, the salesman asked me what features I wanted. That is easy for me. Apple CarPlay functionality is important to me because of how seamlessly the iPhone integrates. However, what determines our family car purchase is overall fit. Given our large family, size and safety considerations tend to predominate, and we are never going to buy (or not buy) our family car because of CarPlay’s availability.

Similarly, when looking at the “right fit” for document review technology, the first question is not what any individual wants, but what the overall team (and case) needs. The decision is driven by the overall functionality of the review technology and how it matches to the case objectives.  And, it must be aligned with cost containment and predictability to ensure that the technology is a smart, proportional fit. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: David Dobson, Epiq

On May 15, 2020, I sat down with David Dobson, the Chief Executive Officer of Epiq, and discussed a wide range of topics via WebEx. With COVID-19 challenges, the legal industry is faced with a situation where litigants will need to do more with less. This is simultaneously an opportunity for differentiation and a strategic challenge.  I asked David about the eDiscovery industry generally, and responding to the COVID-19 crisis specifically.

David joined Epiq about a year ago after spending his entire career in leadership positions for technology-related companies. As part of that experience, David was in a leadership role at a large technology company through the Great Recession, which, coupled with his industry experience, provides him with a unique perspective on the current environment. (more…)