Sitting with the C-Suite: Mark Hawn of Trustpoint.One

On October 19, I sat down with Mark Hawn, the CEO of Trustpoint.One, via Webex. Mark and I covered how one size does not always fit all in eDiscovery, embracing remote technology and opportunities in the market. 

Mark is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and served as the CEO for Legal Copies International for eight years before it was acquired by Ikon. He also founded DocForce/Onsite Sourcing in 2002, which was later acquired by a private equity firm. Mark has served as the CEO of Trustpoint.One since 2010. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Alma Asay of Litera Microsystems

On September 30, I sat down with Alma Asay, an Evangelist at Litera Microsystems, via Webex. Alma and I covered her advice for legal technology entrepreneurs, the future of legal technology, and key questions to ask law firms about technology. 

Alma  began her career as an associate with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP in the litigation department.  She founded Allegory, a cloud-based litigation management platform, in 2012, serving as the CEO from its inception until 2017, when Allegory was acquired by Integreon.  She is now an Evangelist for Litera, having joined the company earlier this year.  Litera recently acquired Allegory from Integreon, and has rebranded the platform as Litera Litigate. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Andy Macdonald of Consilio

On September 17, I sat down with Andy Macdonald, the CEO of Consilio, via Webex. Andy and I discussed the need (and challenges) of accessing capital for the legal services industry, Consilio’s growth model and service mindset, and managing a corporate litigation spend in a time of uncertainty.

Andy has a long history of executive leadership, having grown his previous company, First Advantage, through a series of 60 acquisitions in five years. First Advantage Litigation Consulting was rebranded to Consilio in February 2013. Since then, Andy has grown Consilio into one of the largest providers of managed services in the world, overseeing a series of significant acquisitions. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Ian Campbell of iCONECT

On September 10, I sat down with Ian Campbell, the President and CEO of iCONECT, via Webex. Ian and I covered a variety of issues surrounding iCONECT’s proprietary Xera review application, including its applicability to non-eDiscovery business problems, key issues with Information Governance (IG), and how to overcome transition concerns when considering a change of eDiscovery technology.

Ian has a design background and, prior to founding iCONECT, he worked in advertising and founded his own agency. In 2012 iCONECT launched its flagship review product, Xera, which Ian reported was designed from the ground up for the end users of the product.  He took over as CEO in 2014 and has focused on innovation and growth in other sectors outside of legal. (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Hal Blackman of IST Management Services

On September 4, I sat down with Hal Blackman, the founder and CEO of IST Management Services, via WebEx.  IST calls itself the “Company with Passion,” and Hal and I covered lessons learned in technology adoption, electronic records retention, and considerations for outsourcing eDiscovery.

Hal has a business background and was hired by Marriott in 1981, where he learned the importance of employee empowerment.  Hal founded IST in 1997, and states that the company is “obsessed in everything we do, from technology and process management, to people programs, and we will stop at nothing to make sure that we exceed the expectations of our clients.” (more…)

Sitting with the C-Suite: Dean Gonsowski of ActiveNav

On August 27, I sat down with Dean Gonsowki, the Chief Revenue Officer of ActiveNav, via WebEx. In part one of my two-part interview with Dean, we covered his extensive background in the eDiscovery industry, how the industry grew and developed, and how the eDiscovery in 2020 compares with its roots. This is a great time to stop and reflect on where eDiscovery has been, and use that context to help consider where it is likely going. 

Dean is a lawyer who has an almost 20-year history in the eDiscovery space, starting with the founding of S3 Partners in 2001. Dean’s experience spans from time at Fios, to Clearwell/Veritas, to Recommind/Opentext, to Relativity/kCura. Since 2018, Dean has been the Chief Revenue Officer of ActiveNav. (more…)