Sitting with the C-Suite: Bob Rowe of Integreon

On August 21, I sat down with Bob Rowe, the CEO of Integreon, via WebEx.  We started with his background in document review in antitrust litigation in the 1990s, which fueled his desire to drive efficiencies.  We ended with today’s legal marketplace, and how COVID-19 has accelerated change that was already happening.  Bob is a must-listen for his perspective on how managed service vendors integrate with outside and inside legal counsel to bring greater value and reduce waste.

Bob is a lawyer by training and started his career in Big Law after a clerking for a federal court.  After his ten years of experience in private practice, he founded Nextra Litigation Solutions, which focused on handling document review projects and using metrics to drive better results.  Nextra was sold to Huron Consulting Group in 2006, where Bob spent a decade in leadership before becoming the CEO of Integreon in March 2017.

Background in Developing eDiscovery Solutions

Bob explains how he began his career and the “inefficient process” of large document reviews in the 1990s.  His Eureka moment came after reading a particularly effective book and deciding that, in document review, saving seconds per document could make a huge difference in overall cost. 

How to Integrate Managed Service Providers to Problem-Solve

Bob discusses the need for close integration with law firms, noting that Integreon is always seeking to provide its services in a way that “enhances the ability for the law firm or the legal department to accomplish its goals.”

The Impact of Procurement and Legal Operations Professionals Selecting Managed Service Providers

Bob covers the changes being spearheaded by the recent involvement of non-legal procurement personnel in the legal purchasing decisions, including (1) the change management perspective, and (2) a willingness to build a different type of supply chain.

COVID-19: Accelerating Change in the Legal Industry

Bob discusses how clients help accelerate change in the legal industry, noting that successful change and experience results in higher confidence to look at other activities where value can be achieved.

Integreon is a global outsourcing managed services company, which Bob described as primarily, but not exclusively, providing services to law departments and law firms.  Integreon has over 3,000 employees and operates data centers on three continents and in four countries.  Bob noted that Integreon has “one of the broadest portfolios of services in the industry, ranging from document services, presentation graphics, to litigation- and cyber-related activities, and then on over to contract lifecycle management and compliance.”

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