Sitting with the C-Suite: Dan Regard of iDS

On May 29, 2020, I sat down with Dan Regard, the Chief Executive Officer of iDS, via WebEx. Dan and I discussed how data can be leveraged as a “digital witness”— one that is more informative and more accessible—which is a product of “the new oil.” We also covered his passion for eDiscovery pro bono work, measuring eDiscovery success, and several other key topics. Check out the videos below for more in-depth discussion.

Dan Regard is an attorney and programmer by training and has been involved in eDiscovery and legal technology since the late 1980s. In his national and international work, he has advised on, among other things, electronic discovery, computer forensics, data analytics, structured data, and information management. Dan founded iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) in January 2008, after experience in eDiscovery consulting with large organizations, like LECG, FTI Consulting, and Deloitte & Touche.

Data as a Digital Witness

Dan explains the idea of database information as a digital witness, noting that it can provide extremely precise, accurate evidence that is highly reliable. He provides a few examples that make the concept concrete.

Pro Bono and eDiscovery

Dan discusses the passion that he and iDS share to ensure that eDiscovery services are available in pro bono cases, a commitment that started on “day one” of the company.

In-House Counsel – Standards for eDiscovery Management

Dan notes what standards corporate counsel should use to measure the efficacy of the organizational eDiscovery management.

Creating and Engaging with Your Environment

Dan discusses his commitment to seek out alternatives to the established ways of doing things, particularly in the difficult environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to “elevate or accelerate business change.”

Applying Role Clarity for Enhanced Team Performance

Dan provides insight in moving from a “first responder” approach to eDiscovery, fueled by adrenaline, to developing a “project execution methodology” that brings “bespoke solutions on top of institutional efficiencies.”

IDS is a full-service eDiscovery consulting and advisory firm. Dan reported that the mission of iDS is to influence the intersection between law and technology, and that the company is known for its deep bench of subject matter experts, and testimony and support of analysis and analytics. IDS also concentrates in the areas of digital forensics, cyber security, predictive coding and structured data.

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