Sitting with the C-Suite: Ian Campbell of iCONECT

On September 10, I sat down with Ian Campbell, the President and CEO of iCONECT, via Webex. Ian and I covered a variety of issues surrounding iCONECT’s proprietary Xera review application, including its applicability to non-eDiscovery business problems, key issues with Information Governance (IG), and how to overcome transition concerns when considering a change of eDiscovery technology.

Ian has a design background and, prior to founding iCONECT, he worked in advertising and founded his own agency. In 2012 iCONECT launched its flagship review product, Xera, which Ian reported was designed from the ground up for the end users of the product.  He took over as CEO in 2014 and has focused on innovation and growth in other sectors outside of legal.

Learning How to Aggregate Evidence Outside of the Legal Industry

Ian provides four concrete examples of how iCONECT can offer searching solutions of large sets of confidential information for applications outside of traditional eDiscovery: (1) video search, (2) proactive loss prevention, (3) forms management, and (4) mergers and acquisitions. 

Information Governance and eDiscovery: Key Compliance Issues for In-House Counsel

Ian discusses the interrelated challenges facing corporations that are considering IG initiatives, including the sheer size of information, the privacy considerations, and the need to locate specific information quickly that is relevant to a business or legal issue.

Looking Ahead to Potential Compliance Issues Due to COVID-19

Ian talks about the emerging IG trends, most notably discussions around being able to transfer data and properly “sanitize and obfuscate” confidential information that should not be provided under applicable laws and regulations, particularly in banking and health care.

How to Help In-House Counsel Overcome Transition Tensions Around New Technology

Ian covers changing eDiscovery technologies and notes that, in iCONECT’s experience, “people underestimate the foundational knowledge that they have in eDiscovery;” he also discusses how the Xera platform was designed with an intuitive interface for ease of use (and transition).

iCONECT is an eDiscovery technology company founded in 1999.  According to Ian, “it’s really quite simple for us.  You put all the information in one spot, build a big dictionary of every word in every document, and then hand over usernames and passwords to all the people who can access that data.  And so it really becomes multiparty access to confidential information.”  iCONECT can be deployed in several ways, including behind a company’s firewall.

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