Sitting with the C-Suite: Kiwi Camara of DISCO

On May 20, 2020, I sat down with Kiwi Camara, the Chief Executive Officer of DISCO, via WebEx. In the segments below Kiwi covers, among other things, his advice to in-house clients on driving more value in the eDiscovery process through the smart use of technology and leveraging review decisions over multiple cases. You won’t want to miss Kiwi’s predictions about the future of eDiscovery technology specifically, or legal technology more generally.

Kiwi Camara is both a lawyer and a technologist. He has a B.S. in computer science and earned his JD at 19 from Harvard Law School. Kiwi practiced law in Houston, Texas and had a commercial litigation practice. One of his largest clients asked him to take a holistic look at the company’s eDiscovery program and spend. That was the first time that he systematically reviewed demonstrations from eDiscovery vendors. He was unsatisfied with the speed and overall performance of the tools. As a result, Kiwi built a custom solution for that client that was “blazing fast and super easy” to use. In 2013, he started selling DISCO to other customers. The signature of DISCO to this day, reported Kiwi, is performance and the ease of use of the technology. Check out these questions and answers:

eDiscovery Technology – Driving Efficiency and Value

Kiwi discusses how using the best technology can help clients to [1] find more value in the review process, as well as [2] control and centralize corporate data.

Disco: Leveraging Work Product Across Multiple Cases

Kiwi gives a real-world example of how DISCO AI leverages decisions across multiple matters by using the decisions and training on one matter and applying that work product to subsequent matters to accelerate review.

Creative In-House Solutions Related to COVID-19

Kiwi addresses the creative solutions that corporate clients are using during the COVID-19 crisis to facilitate work-from-home models, avoid business disruption and intentionally focus on cost savings.

Legal Tech Developments on the Horizon

Kiwi makes a few predictions about what he expects in future eDiscovery trends and talks enthusiastically about what he sees as likely to happen with legal technology more generally.

Measuring Success of eDiscovery Programs in the Future

Kiwi talks about three key metrics that in-house legal counsel should be utilizing to measure the eDiscovery program effectiveness – timing, cost and adoption.

DISCO is a full-service eDiscovery company, handling collection and ingest, processing, review and productions from its Austin, Texas, headquarters. It operates throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe through an office in London. DISCO has a proprietary software platform called DISCO eDiscovery and offers a full suite of services, such as project management, data operations, and a full managed review operation. Finally, DISCO has a suite of tools for case management, both before and after eDiscovery, called DISCO Case Builder. The company works with 600-700 customers, including both large corporate clients and the law firms that represent them.

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