Sitting with the C-Suite: Marc Zamsky of Compliance

On June 18, I sat down with Marc Zamsky, the Chief Operating Officer of Compliance, via WebEx. Marc and I covered many issues. In the segments below, the focus is on analytics, including the potential to (a) gain pre-processing control over eDiscovery collections, (b) provide proactive compliance and information governance intelligence, and (c) normalize business practices, including the lessons learned in the eDiscovery process.

Marc has been involved in the eDiscovery provider community since 1996. He joined Compliance in May 2013 as the Chief Operating Officer. In that role, Marc expanded the eDiscovery solutions offered by Compliance by, among other things, adding discovery processing and hosting capabilities and expanding the managed services platforms. He regularly participates in an eDiscovery podcast with Mary Mack, Chief Legal Technologist at EDRM, “Musings with Marc & Mary.”

eDiscovery Priorities – Thoughts on the Next Five Years

Marc looks forward, discussing the need to provide in-house counsel more control over corporate data, including security, cloud adoption and upstream, pre-processing analytics

Corporate Counsel Business Intelligence – Proactively Using Analytics

Marc discusses the programmatic use of analytics as a key component of an information governance (IG) program—applied when the information is being created—for proactive uses in data management, compliance and investigation and discovery.

How Can Corporate Counsel Measure eDiscovery Effectiveness?

Marc talks about how corporate clients are measuring eDiscovery “success,” including reducing the number of eDiscovery providers in their supply stream, measuring the data volumes going through the process, and normalizing the spend and data use across matters.

Normalizing Business Practices through Litigation Data

Marc expounds on normalizing eDiscovery spend to measure programmatic improvements, as well as finding actionable business intelligence to improve business practices.

Marc reported that Compliance has a 23-year discovery solution history. It was founded by two antitrust lawyers in Washington, D.C., who created contract attorney staffing workflows to comply with large requests, such as Scott-Hart-Rodino Second Requests. Since then, Compliance has expanded both geographically and into a full-service eDiscovery provider. It is a division of System One, an integrated services and human capital management company.

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