Special Announcement: Understanding the Business of eDiscovery

We are excited to announce a new video interview series: Sitting with the C-Suite. In each segment, I will be talking with a chief executive officer of an eDiscovery company. We will explore how each is addressing the COVID-19 crisis, what clients are doing to manage through the crisis, and generally covering the past, present and future. Naturally, as we are dealing with the pandemic, we will be doing this via remote interviews to comply with any applicable social distancing mandates. 

The pandemic means companies are doing more with less and dealing with case delays and tightening budgets. Now more than ever, it is critical to understand the eDiscovery industry generally (and your partners specifically). This video interview series will help anyone start to explore the eDiscovery industry from the perspective of its top leadership.

EDiscovery has a substantial business side. Technology and service options abound, with a lot of entities entering and exiting the eDiscovery market. Every client is looking for the highest-quality support at a great price. Understanding the service models and options is critical to finding the right “fit” for a matter. That same context also helps to identify that pivotal point where the technology ends and the lawyering begins.

Over five years ago, Baker Donelson made the strategic decision to embrace the eDiscovery service providers. The Firm does not have internally-hosted eDiscovery tools but, rather, chooses eDiscovery technology based on the best “fit” for how the case should be lawyered and managed. This allows the case needs to dictate the engagement. It also frees up the eDiscovery Team from operations, allowing the team to provide necessary legal advice and process controls to our clients’ projects. In short, it means we are never fitting a round peg into a square hole with our eDiscovery technology or support.

The Baker eDiscovery Team spends a lot of time monitoring eDiscovery technology and services, unpacking the options, the pricing, and the vendor models that are available. This eDiscovery Supply Chain is a key point of optimization on any eDiscovery project—something I blogged about three years ago. (You can check out the blog, eDiscovery Supply Chain: Discovery as a Factory here.)

Dave Dobson, the CEO of Epiq Global, is first up in Sitting with the C-Suite. Check back in to hear what Dave has to say about innovation during a time of crisis, what forward-thinking clients are doing to address eDiscovery challenges, and building effective teams.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at csanko@bakerdonelson.com. I would love to hear from you.